Karim Ben Maiz

Consulting, Intelligence & Market Insights

Karim   Ben   Maiz
Karim is a professional of long process and multiple stakeholder client management. He had the opportunity to start his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi where he held several positions in the marketing. Karim then integrate the world's leading CRM and database pharmaceutical, Cegedim. The launch of the CAM panel on proportional audit activity to the Maghreb, this is it. The launch of the Zoom barometer of communication in the Maghreb, it is he. He has conducted or supervised over 60 qualitative or quantitative studies.

His time at Kantar Health (leading global pharmaceutical market research and consulting) gave it expertise in the areas of brand management and stakeholders (payers, health authorities, KOL), Market Access, the epidemiology

Me Contacter Consultations: 30